Live Telehealth Consultations are now available!

Dear patients,
We hope you and your families are all staying healthy and optimistic during these trying times. During this Covid-19 pandemic, there has been a big increase in demand for Telehealth services via video chat platforms.
In light of all this Dr Marlow will be available to address musculoskeletal pain syndromes, therapeutic rehabilitative exercises, postural reeducation, health and wellness coaching and more via Google Meet.
He spends lots of time each week on self care himself, and is quite adept at identifying and releasing adhesion and dysfunction in the deep fascia using the following tools.
Please be equipped with a yoga mat, a foam roller, a lacrosse ball/ baseball/ tennis ball, and exercise attire. Additionally useful home tools would include a rolling stick, therabands, free weights etc.
Dr Marlow will offer 30 minute sessions for 99 dollars specifically tailored to your individual concerns, concluding with recommendations for continued self care.
With a certificate in whole foods nutrition and years of experience in the field, Dr Marlow is happy to focus on nutritional consultations as well.
Staying active and functional is as important now as ever, and with the extra free time at home what better opportunity for self improvement.
While these services are particularly pertinent today, we plan to continue offering them indefinitely moving forward.