Fascial Manipulation

Fascial Manipulation (FM): a manual soft tissue technique to evaluate and treat myofascial dysfunction.

FM was developed by Luigi Stecco in Italy 40 years ago and has been evolved and improved upon ever since. There is no other soft tissue method with as much peer reviewed literature as FM.

Stecco has mapped out sequences of critical points in the deep fascia through cadaver dissection.   These he has termed “centers of coordination” (CCs) and “enters of fusion” (CFs). These points are found to very often mirror acupuncture meridians.When adhesions or (“densifications”) build up in CCs or CFs, this directly affects and negatively alters joint biomechanics, alignment, posture, and range of motion resulting in dysfunctions such as pain syndromes and restrictions in range of motion. Manipulation of CCs and CFs with deep pressure and friction is carried out manually.


Proper glide must be re-established between fascial layers and different adjacent tissues such as muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and skin. As mentioned above, this technique can also be used to balance and maintain proper tensional equilibrium between the CCs and CFs to treat internal organ dysfunction, thereby reestablishing homeostasis in the body.