“I have been a patient of Dr. Oswald since he opened his practice more than 30 years ago. I have also been treated by Dr. Marlow on occasion. I have been impressed by the thorough hands-on treatment I receive in their office. They listen carefully to my description of symptoms and then, usually in one or two visits, my pain is gone. They also recommend exercises that I can do on my own which have been helpful if I start to feel pain start in areas they have treated. I have recommended Dr. Oswald to many friends and co-workers, and all of them have expressed their appreciation.”
– Helen M.



“Over the last 25 years Dr. Oswald saved me from  severe neck, shoulder and back pains several times. He knows a lot about the anatomy of human body. He quickly identifies the root cause of the pain and eliminates the scar tissues with deep massage in a short time. The problems I was having all have been completely fixed and I can do my daily activities with no pain at all.”
– Yurdaer D.

“Dr Oswald is a gifted Chiropractor; he is wholistic in the true sense of the word. Nothing is overlooked, thorough questioning, testing and his understanding of the body; he knows just where the problem lies. He uses a brilliant technique called ‘Fascial Manipulation’ and is able to pinpoint the area that is injured and get right to the problem. When you leave the office you feel you are really on the path of recovery and healing. Dr Oswald guided and treated me on my way to hip surgery and post op, after 2 bad car accidents and a horseback riding accident. I have to say that I believe that I am free of chronic pain because of him. Dr. Oswald is a practitioner of Kinesiology and has extensive knowledge of nutrition and supplements. I highly recommend him.”
– Valeriana M.

“Doctor Oswald has treated me and other family members over the years, and we have always been so grateful for his genius and his ability to determine the root cause of the problem and treat it, by any or several of the methods he is so skilled with. I have learned a great deal from him about how to manage injuries and recover from them with no permanent damage.

– Eve S.

“Dr. Oswald: Amazing Doctor, he takes time to answer your questions and explains everything. The office is clean and comfortable. Highly recommend​”
– Christine

During the past year, Dr. Oswald and Dr. Duma have both been wonderful healers for me.  Their treatments have helped me prior to and through full recuperation from hip replacement surgery, AND have relieved my neck and upper back, giving me freedom from pain and a great sense of well-being.

Where many other “top of their field” doctors failed to help me, Dr. Oswald proved to be both a brilliant diagnostician and a phenomenal healer.

I have my health, and clear-thinking mind back, thanks to Dr. Oswald.  After life-threatening reactions to allopathic medicines almost completely shut down my digestive and alimentary systems and triggered extreme eczema three years ago, Dr. Oswald’s treatments of fascial manipulation brought me back to a full, normal ability to work effectively, sleep well, and enjoy life again. 

– Suzanne

“Thank the heavens for Dr. Marlow and other members of the practice. The pinched nerve that first sent me there that a doctor told me would need an operation: fixed after 6 or so therapy sessions. And the same with a bum knee and then a foot pain that had me limping. They’re miracle workers in this office.”
– Gary R.